Day 48 Baby Hoglet Sale

Today was another great day for a bicycle ride. Leaving Cleveland we backtracked down the hill through Rockefeller Park. After reading Dave’s comment yesterday we kept our eyes on the road and didn’t look into the bushes. The route followed the shoreline of Lake Erie and we were pretty much in a continuous urban areaContinue reading “Day 48 Baby Hoglet Sale”

Day 46 Ballreich’s Potato Chips

Today was much the same as yesterday. Cool, wind in our faces and no sun. We left Paulding, Ohio about an hour before sunrise trying to beat the wind. It didn’t make any difference because the wind was still blowing. After about 10 miles we began following the Auglaize River. The trees along the riverContinue reading “Day 46 Ballreich’s Potato Chips”

Day 44 Battle Ground Elementary School

Another cool, overcast day greeted us as we left at dawn from Chad’s house in West Lafayette, Indiana. Annika had a great breakfast layout with every type of breakfast food you could think of. It made our peddling this morning much easier. Thank you Annika! Soon we passed through the towns of Prophetstown and BattleContinue reading “Day 44 Battle Ground Elementary School”