Day 61 Chainsaw Safety for Women

Today’s notable attraction (besides the scenery and fall colors) was the Penobscot Narrows Bridge over the Penobscot River. The left tower in the above photo has an elevator to the observation deck that is 420 feet in the air. It is the tallest public bridge observatory in the world. Where else can you look atContinue reading “Day 61 Chainsaw Safety for Women”

Day 60 Buying Clams Daily

Today was a perfect Maine fall day. Crisp temperatures and blue skies greeted us this morning. Everything was much the same as yesterday – lots of hills and curves, fall colors, and many church buildings with tall steeples. There were marshy areas without a lot of trees. In Bath, Maine we saw a busy harbor.Continue reading “Day 60 Buying Clams Daily”

Day 55 Curly Joe

We left Long Lake, New York after eating breakfast at a Stewart’s Shop gas station. Delicious. Our route followed the Roosevelt – Marcy Memorial Highway. In 1901 Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt was picnicking on Mt. Marcy (the highest point in New York State) and received word that President William McKinley was about to expire. The PresidentContinue reading “Day 55 Curly Joe”

Day 54 Heart of the Andirondacks

Today was another great day for cycling. Beautiful scenery and smooth, low traffic roads. We left Boonville, New York on Moose River Road which followed the Moose River. Our first sizable hamlet was Old Forge, New York which bills itself as the gateway to Adirondack Park. It was very much a tourist town. Adirondack ParkContinue reading “Day 54 Heart of the Andirondacks”