Day 43 Fog

Fog greeted us this morning. The fog made things more scenic for about 1-1/2 hours. Then the fog began to lift. Literally lift because for a while you could only see the bases of the wind turbines.

Once again we escaped the rain storms that were in the area.

Tonight we are staying in West Lafayette, Indiana at Chad’s house. Here is everyone drinking their recovery drink – chocolate milk.

Max and Adina came over from Indiana University and Purdue respectively and it was good visiting with them. Annika whipped up some schnitzel and spätzle for dinner. It was very gourmet.

Front (L to R) Adina, Annika
Rear (L to R) Max, Chad

West Lafayette is best known for Purdue University and their mascot, Boilermaker Pete.

Martin P. Jenners was the first white person in Lafayette and was an outspoken atheist. His headstone was placed in the cemetery fourteen years before he died and has this inscription; “My only objection to religion is that it is not true. No preaching, no praying, no psalm singing on this lot.” He than lists two bible verses that he thought contradicted one another. The head stone received a lot of attention at the time and there were several attempts to remove it.

The reverse side has an insignia from the Improved Order of Red Men. This was an initially all white male organization that “borrowed” terminology from native Americans. Today we would say they appropriated from the Native Americans.


  • Watseka, Illinois to West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Distance: 59.9 miles (96 km)
  • Climbing: 1063 feet (324 m)
  • Temperature: 67 – 76°F (19 – 24°C)

Matt Miller

Since we began our adventure, we found out that our cousin, Matt, has been doing some serious cycling. Our Dads are brothers. Matt is a Very Famous Miller.

This summer he completed a 1,200 mile race in Minnesota. It was an unsupported, single-stage bikepacking challenge. There were no prizes, just the satisfaction of completing the ride. He packed all of his gear and camped 4 out of 5 nights. He shortest day was 165 miles (his shortest day!). He finished in just under six days. Here he is at 2:30 am in the morning of the 272 mile day.

What an adventure – nice job Matt! Our ride is a piece of cake compared to yours.

One thought on “Day 43 Fog

  1. Oh wow you are going fast! How are you past west Lafayette already? I sorta wanted to ride along a few miles. Then again it was raining …. Safe journey!


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