Day 40 Lawn Mower on a Stick

Today was a relatively short ride from Maquoketa so we didn’t leave until 7:30 am. The highlight of today’s ride was having Goose (Tom Miller) and Chris Rhodes ride with us. They met us in Bennett, Iowa and rode ~24 miles to the finish in Muscatine. Chris, Goose and Chad went to grade school, highContinue reading “Day 40 Lawn Mower on a Stick”

Day 37 Is This Heaven? No, It’s Iowa!

Today’s weather was favorable and the ride was relatively short so we didn’t leave Marquette, Iowa until 8 am. First we had to climb up and out of the Mississippi River valley. The cliffs lined the road. We went through several small towns that had no pretenses about being small. Watson, Iowa had exactly twoContinue reading “Day 37 Is This Heaven? No, It’s Iowa!”

Day 34 Polka Dot Pure Milk

Today we left Waconia, Minnesota under clear skies and began peddling towards the twin cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul). We rode on several bike trails through both cities. In Minneapolis parts of the trail were divided for bikes going in each direction – just like the interstate. There was also a third trail for runners/walkers.Continue reading “Day 34 Polka Dot Pure Milk”

Day 32 Ark of the Anthropocene

Today was another great day for riding a bicycle. There were light winds, clear skies and cool temperatures. Fog was hanging over the road and fields as we left Redwood Falls, Minnesota. We rode on a gravel road for about 15 miles. It was smoother than the cracked pavement that we had earlier in theContinue reading “Day 32 Ark of the Anthropocene”