Day 46 Ballreich’s Potato Chips

Today was much the same as yesterday. Cool, wind in our faces and no sun. We left Paulding, Ohio about an hour before sunrise trying to beat the wind. It didn’t make any difference because the wind was still blowing.

After about 10 miles we began following the Auglaize River. The trees along the river provided a nice wind break. This continued for another 10 miles and then we ran into Defiance, Ohio. There the Auglaize runs into the Maumee River.

Fort Defiance was built by General “Mad” Anthony Wayne in 1794, General Wayne surveyed the land and declared to another General, “I defy the English, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it.” Wayne then proceeded to destroy Native American crops and villages within a radius of 50 miles around the fort. Defiance, Ohio was named after the fort.

We followed the Maumee River for 30 miles passing through small towns named Florida and Texas. Both were named after their respective states. Another town was named Napoleon after the French dude, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ohio also built two canals in the early 1800’s to connect Lake Erie to the Ohio River. The Miami and Erie Canal ran from Toledo to Cincinnati and part of it ran along the Maumee River. Most of the time it was full of trees like this.

Now and then it looked like a big ditch.

Near Grand Rapids, Ohio a portion of the Miami and Erie Canal has been restored. The large “handles” opened and closed the gates on the locks. They were moved by humans.

An old restored mill was also along the canal.

They also recreated a canal boat. There is room on the boat for the pilot (and his family), mules and the cargo. The wife and kids helped to open and close the locks.

In Pemberville, Ohio we went by the Hirzel Canning Company factory. When riding by it smelled like tomatoes. The smell was confirmed by this mounted on the wall.

The canning factory was founded in 1923 by Carl R. Hirzel, a brewmaster by trade, who was looking for a new line of work with the onset of Prohibition. Today they are known for Dei Fratelli brand products.

Tonight we are staying in Fremont, Ohio. The city was the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes. The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center was the first presidential library and is located here. Heinz has a large plant here that produces ketchup.


  • Paulding to Fremont, Ohio
  • Distance: 101.5 miles (163 km)
  • Climbing: 1607 feet (490 m)
  • Temperature: 64 – 68°F (18 – 20°C)


One thought on “Day 46 Ballreich’s Potato Chips

  1. I like the” yield for mules” sign. It got me to thinking that we should make a sign that says “yield for asses” and post in D.C. where the house an senate members cross the street.


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