Day 45 Line ‘O Mowers

Cloudy skies and intermittent rain mists greeted us this morning. We also had a headwind all day. After lunch the sun poked through the clouds and we were able to see our shadows.

About 10 miles from our start in Wabash, Indiana we got to ride in Salamonie State Park. It was dark in the trees and there were several small hills. We also crossed a large dam on the Salamonie River. Here is Salamonie Lake.

That was it for today’s scenery because the remainder of the ride was farm fields. Folks from Kalona, Iowa will appreciate that we rode through Yoder, Indiana.

After 60 miles of peddling we stopped for lunch in Hoagland, Indiana. Someone there had a strange mailbox.

Just after Hoagland, we entered Ohio. Tonight we are staying at a bed and breakfast place In Paulding, Ohio. We found out after arrival that they don’t serve breakfast so I guess it is just a bed. Maybe that is why they named it Bittersweet Inn.

Paulding is a county seat and in their centennial year of 1876 the county fathers decided that they needed a new courthouse. They visited many courthouses and liked the one in Adrian, Michigan. So they copied it.

Paulding County also has a Carnegie library that was built in 1910. It was the first Carnegie library to serve an entire county instead of a single city. The library still stands and looks much the same as it did when it was built.


  • Wabash, Indiana to Paulding, Ohio
  • Distance: 90.0 miles (145 km)
  • Climbing: 1177 feet (359 m)
  • Temperature: 64 – 74°F (18 – 23°C)


Joe doing a little derailleur tuning.

2 thoughts on “Day 45 Line ‘O Mowers

  1. Today you said, “We stopped for lunch…” Stopped at a restaurant? Stopped and ate food you brought with you? I’ve been curious about your lunches.

    Also, just to be clear, you do not have a support vehicle, right? How much added weight in gear is each of you carrying?

    Also, which of you are retired and which are just on leave from work for this trip? Just curious.


    1. Good questions! Yesterday’s lunch was at a convenience store. We munched our sandwiches while sitting outside on a pile of salt bags. Our view was a grill of a giant Ford pickup. Fine dining at its best. We probably eat at convenience stores about 75% of the time because they are quick.

      We don’t have any support. I probably have the least amount of gear and it weighs about 25 pounds. We all carry food just in case the services are sparse.



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