Day 48 Baby Hoglet Sale

Today was another great day for a bicycle ride. Leaving Cleveland we backtracked down the hill through Rockefeller Park. After reading Dave’s comment yesterday we kept our eyes on the road and didn’t look into the bushes.

The route followed the shoreline of Lake Erie and we were pretty much in a continuous urban area until Ashtabula which was 65 miles from Cleveland. Everyone wants to live by the lake!

Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio claims to be Ohio’s first summer resort. Along State Route 531 there were dozens of parks, restaurants, hotels and arcades. It looked like a typical beach boardwalk but was mostly closed for the season.

In Ashtabula, Ohio we rode over an old lift bridge and a huge railroad yard. The rail yard was Norfolk Southern. Ashtabula is a major coal and iron port on Lake Erie.

Soon after leaving Ashtabula we entered Pennsylvania. In both Ohio and Pennsylvania we saw huge nurseries with acres and acres of shrubs and trees.

Pennsylvania also had a lot of vineyards. There must have been a lot of squashed grapes because you could smell the grapes as we rode by. It was great!

Tonight we are in Erie, Pennsylvania near Lake Erie. We walked across the street and ate at a restaurant on the harbor.

Note that Joe usually eats a large salad. You can compare his salad to ours below.

Today was also COVID test day. Our route takes us into Canada and to enter we have to have a negative COVID test. Herb and Chad got theirs in Paynesville, Ohio (32 miles from Cleveland). Joe and Al got their tests in Erie. The test was administered at a CVS pharmacy drive up window. Here is Joe with the swab up his nose while the gal inside is timing him for 15 seconds per nostril. Hopefully we will have our results in 24 hours.

We don’t know if you give baby hedgehogs to your friends or your enemies. No matter who, the Ladybug Ranch has them available now.


  • Cleveland, Ohio to Erie, Pennsylvania.
  • Distance: 109.8 miles (177 km)
  • Climbing: 2223 feet (678 m)
  • Temperature: 66 – 74°F (19 – 23°C)


For two days I have been diligently looking in the many harbors along Lake Erie for a small boat with a lion or Leonard stenciled on it. So far the search has not been successful. Perhaps I need to look at the larger yacht sized boats.

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