Day 60 Buying Clams Daily

Today was a perfect Maine fall day. Crisp temperatures and blue skies greeted us this morning. Everything was much the same as yesterday – lots of hills and curves, fall colors, and many church buildings with tall steeples. There were marshy areas without a lot of trees. In Bath, Maine we saw a busy harbor.Continue reading “Day 60 Buying Clams Daily”

Day 59 Lobster Pots

We had a great breakfast at the Admiral Peary bed and breakfast. Donna the proprietor had a giant egg casserole, great cinnamon-apple bread and sausages. As an added bonus, she also did our laundry for us overnight. First class accommodations! We left Fryeburg, Maine with a little bit of blue sky showing. The forest wasContinue reading “Day 59 Lobster Pots”

Day 58 Brake For Moose

Today was much the same as yesterday. Cooler temperatures and two giant hills to climb. We left Fairlee, Vermont, crossed a bridge over the Connecticut River, and we were back in New Hampshire. We followed the Connecticut River North for about 15 miles. We saw a big round barn. The fall colors were muted butContinue reading “Day 58 Brake For Moose”

Day 57 Wiener Wednesdays

It was overcast and chilly when we left Middlebury, Vermont. For the first 15 miles we had to climb a fairly steep hill in the Green Mountain National Forest. Near the top we went by the Bread Loaf School of English campus of Middlebury College. This is where the poet Robert Frost spent every summerContinue reading “Day 57 Wiener Wednesdays”

Day 56 Rest Day

We spent the day in Middlebury, Vermont while following our rest and recovery guidelines. It rained most of the afternoon and the rain is to continue until late tonight. Rest Days are even better knowing that you are not peddling in the rain. Before the rain Chad took a trip to downtown Middlebury and tookContinue reading “Day 56 Rest Day”

Day 55 Curly Joe

We left Long Lake, New York after eating breakfast at a Stewart’s Shop gas station. Delicious. Our route followed the Roosevelt – Marcy Memorial Highway. In 1901 Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt was picnicking on Mt. Marcy (the highest point in New York State) and received word that President William McKinley was about to expire. The PresidentContinue reading “Day 55 Curly Joe”

Day 52 Reel Inn

Another great day for cycling. Our day in a nutshell; 60 miles riding on the Erie Canal and 50 miles of riding through fruit orchards. We learned that we are really riding along the New York Barge Canal. The original canal was completed in 1825, and an enlarged canal was built between 1834 and 1862.Continue reading “Day 52 Reel Inn”


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