Day 58 Brake For Moose

Today was much the same as yesterday. Cooler temperatures and two giant hills to climb. We left Fairlee, Vermont, crossed a bridge over the Connecticut River, and we were back in New Hampshire.

We followed the Connecticut River North for about 15 miles. We saw a big round barn.

The fall colors were muted but it was still pretty to look at.

As we turned East away from the river we began to climb. The tops of the hills were shrouded in the clouds.

Then we were riding in the mist. The temperatures also dropped. When we came down the other side it was dry again.

Our final climb was also in the clouds. We were in the White Mountain National Forest. Over the Kancamagus Pass we went. The climb began in Lincoln, New Hampshire at 800 feet. It was about a 15 mile climb.

Following a fast downhill on a wet road the mist cleared and the sun broke out for a while. Absolutely gorgeous.

We got to go through another covered bridge.

The covered bridge led us to a small National Forest road (they limited the heights of vehicles) that followed the Swift River. It had everything that makes a great cycling route – no vehicles, scenery, rushing water and downhill.

Tonight we are staying at the Admiral Peary Inn in Fryesburg, Maine. The inn is a bed and breakfast. Peary is the North Pole explorer guy and he lived in this house when he was a kid.


  • Fairlee, Vermont to Fryeburg, Maine
  • Distance: 84.3 miles (136 km)
  • Climbing: 5462 feet (1665 m)
  • Temperature: 46 – 55°F (8 – 13°C)


One thought on “Day 58 Brake For Moose

  1. Liked the round barn. Great structure. I noticed that the bee hives a a 4 strand electric fence to keep the bears away from one of their favorite foods. Racoons and mice are our biggest honey lovers. Not many days left–will miss my nightly read.


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