Day 53 Sonnys Fish Cleaning

We woke up this morning in Fair Haven, New York with overcast skies and wet pavement. We did not see the sun all day.

We rode through many small towns and said goodbye to Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. For about five miles we followed the Salmon River. Fisherman were everywhere.

Then we passed through five different state forests in the Tug Hill area of New York. This region is known for its heavy snowfall. It averages over 200 inches per winter. Snow depths commonly reach five feet or more. In spite of the overcast skies it was very pleasant riding.

We ended our day in Boonville, New York. The first settlement here in 1795 was started by Gerrit Boon from Leiden, the Netherlands.

The Black River canal passed through here in the 1830’s. The canal connected to the Erie Canal, was 35 miles long and had 109 locks. The number of locks is still a world’s record today.


While peddling up a hill today at about the 55 mile mark I heard two sharp pings from my saddle. It wasn’t a good sound. One of the rails broke. I have read about this happening to titanium and now it did. Here is a view of the underside of my saddle.

I was able to keep riding by scooting forward on the saddle. There is a bike shop about 40 miles away on our route tomorrow. Hopefully they will have a replacement seat.


  • Fair Haven to Boonville, New York
  • Distance: 92.4 miles (149 km)
  • Climbing: 4189 feet (1277 m)
  • Temperature: 63 – 68°F (17 – 20°C)


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