Day 54 Heart of the Andirondacks

Today was another great day for cycling. Beautiful scenery and smooth, low traffic roads. We left Boonville, New York on Moose River Road which followed the Moose River.

Our first sizable hamlet was Old Forge, New York which bills itself as the gateway to Adirondack Park. It was very much a tourist town. Adirondack Park is about 50% privately owned which makes it different than most state parks.

From there we rode by a string of lakes. They are on the Raquette River and are cleverly named First Lake, Second Lake all the way up to Eighth Lake.

We saw several seaplanes.

We peddled by a lot of water.

The Adirondack Mountains definitely have a unique look to them. Before this trip if you would have said Adirondack we would have thought of these:

Now if you say Adirondack we will think of this:

And this:

New York uses a different colored road sign in the park which matches the fall colors. Or maybe they switch them out for the season.

Tonight we are staying in Long Lake, New York. Our lodge is right on the water. Long Lake is on the Raquette River and is 14 miles long. The view from our room:


Inlet, New York (population 312) had a bicycle shop. It is only open four days a week from 10 am to 3 pm. The name of the shop was Pedals & Petals. Small village, shortened hours, fresh flowers – I tried not to get my hopes up. When I arrived at 9:40 am the door was open and the open sign was lit.

It was a full sized bike shop and they had many bicycle saddles! They even gave me a box and packing tape to mail my broken one home. Here is my new saddle. Hopefully my bum will adjust quickly.

Another flat – this time on Joe’s front wheel. His fourth. Cause is unknown.


  • Boonville to Long Lake, New York
  • Distance: 74.1 miles (119 km)
  • Climbing: 4237 feet (1291 m)
  • Temperature: 59 – 67°F (15 – 19°C)


When the snow begins to fall and pile up this guy is ready.

6 thoughts on “Day 54 Heart of the Andirondacks

  1. Love the Adirondacks! We camped about 40 miles north of Long Lake every summer growing up! You are there at a great time to see all the colors.


  2. You see some of the most unusual sites along your way! I look forward to your post every day! One question: what do y’all do about clothes for this trip? You obviously can’t carry two months worth of clothes with you. But you have never mentioned finding a laundromat. Maybe you do like Dennis and his guys do when they go to Minnesota every year to fish — disposable clothes! They throw away their clothes at the end of the week! No, I don’t even want to think about it!!!!!


    1. Good question. We launder our clothes every night. Most of our hotels have machines or there is a laundromat close by.

      We all have another pair of bike shorts and for the half-dozen times there wasn’t a laundry nearby we just wore our backup pair the next day.

      Herb carries lots of quarters for the machines. Chad carries a backup supply of Tide Pods in case detergent is not available.

      So we smell pretty good each morning. Evenings not so good.

      Al Miller


  3. It’s hard to believe you guys are almost to the end of your trip, I sure have enjoyed following you all. Way to go!!!


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