Day 55 Curly Joe

We left Long Lake, New York after eating breakfast at a Stewart’s Shop gas station. Delicious.

Our route followed the Roosevelt – Marcy Memorial Highway. In 1901 Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt was picnicking on Mt. Marcy (the highest point in New York State) and received word that President William McKinley was about to expire. The President had been shot the week before but his condition had been stable. Mr. Roosevelt began traveling back to the President. On September 14, 1901 at 2:15 A.M. the President died. While traveling on this road in the dark of night, Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th president of the United States.

We could see the peak of Mt. Marcy (5,344 feet) from an observation point near Newcomb, New York.

Also near Newcomb is the Santanoni Preserve. In the late 1800’s wealthy folks would create large summer homes in the Adirondacks. They were called Great Camps and included all the amenities such as bowling alleys and movie theaters. Camp Santanoni (named after a nearby mountain peak) was made up of 45 buildings, 13,000 acres and included a farm. Here is the Gate Lodge at the entrance to the farm.

The massive stone arch frames a view of the mountains. The Gate Lodge had six bedrooms and is where the superintendent lived. Here is the West Cottage.

The views were much the same as yesterday but with a little more exposed rock.

We had about an hour of drizzle. Our route took us on a short dirt road along the Schroon River.

One advantage to riding when it is rainy is the waterfalls become active.

The rain gave everything a Renoir look.

We skirted around the edge of Ticonderoga, New York and then headed North along Lake Champlain. We were supposed to cross the lake on a ferry but the new owners didn’t operate this summer. So we added another 10 miles to our journey and crossed Lake Champlain on the Champlain bridge.

Tonight we are in Middlebury, Vermont which is best know for its college, Middlebury College. Our route took us through the campus. Here is the Old Chapel which was completed in 1836. For 100 years it was the primary academic building.


  • Long Lake, New York to Middlebury, Vermont
  • Distance: 94.8 miles (153 km)
  • Climbing: 5060 feet (1542 m)
  • Temperature: 55 – 68°F (13 – 20°C)


Dad only drove Chrysler products. This old building must have housed a Chrysler dealer? They stopped selling DeSotos in 1961 and Plymouths in 2001.

One thought on “Day 55 Curly Joe

  1. Fantastic pics. Especillay liked the waterfall video. Reflecting on all of your previous pictures and comments has caused me to reflect on what a great country this is, especially the rural areas where people are still honest to themselves and others. Thanks. Ride on–the goal is in sight.


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