Day 33 Rest Day

We spent the day in Minneapolis, Minnesota while following our rest and recovery guidelines.

Isaac and Nicole let us use their van so we drove from Waconia into the city. Our first stop was the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The most famous piece is the Spoonbridge and Cherry pictured above. The cherry is also a fountain with water squirting out of the stem and flowing over the cherry. The sculpture has become the unofficial symbol of Minneapolis.

Next we visited Minnehaha Falls. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow helped to spread the waterfall’s fame when he wrote his celebrated poem, The Song of Hiawatha. However, he never visited the falls. Nearby was a small house that was moved to the park by 10,000 school kids in 1896.

We ate at the Sea Salt restaurant which was also in the Minnehaha Park. It was relaxing to sit in the shade.

We had a huge spaghetti dinner with all the fixings at Isaac and Nicole’s house.

We are over the half-way mark on our adventure. Thirty-three days and 2,612 miles. Time (and miles) flies when you are having fun.

One thought on “Day 33 Rest Day

  1. I grew up near Minnehaha Falls, it’s one of my very favorite places, thank you for posting the picture! I thought of you guys today when I rode the Shining Sea bikeway from North Falmouth to Woods Hole, MA. The distance was only 10.7 but the 25 mph winds heading into Woods Hole about did me in. Pleased to say I made it back to my car but I think you guys are crazy. I have really enjoyed all of your posts and the pictures. We’ve been to many of the same places but driving is just fine with me. Safe rides.


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