Day 39 Rest Day

We spent the day in Maquoketa, Iowa while following our rest and recovery guidelines.

Yesterday when we arrived in Maquoketa we were surprised by the arrival of our spouses. It was good too see them again after more than 5 weeks on the road.

We went on a short drive to Stone City, Iowa where Grant Wood helped found an artist’s colony. Grant Wood is Iowa’s most famous artist and is best known for his painting American Gothic.

The giant 20 foot tall statue was located in Anamosa, Iowa. Anamosa was the birthplace and burial place of Grant Wood.

Anamosa is also the home of the Iowa State Penitentiary. Made from locally quarried limestone (in Stone City) the locals call it “The White Palace of the West”. It looks like a castle.

Finally, here is Mom with three of her favorite sons (sorry Willie).

(L to R) Herb, Alan and Chad

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