Day -1 Astoria

The drive this morning along the Columbia River was gorgeous. We traveled on both the Oregon and Washington sides singing Roll On Columbia Roll On. Woody Guthrie was the best!

We arrived in Astoria, Oregon at lunchtime and unloaded all the bikes and gear at the hotel. Then back to PDX to pick up those traveling by air. Folks flying in from Iowa had to crawl out of bed at 2 am to catch their plane. Herb stayed at the hotel because the van could only hold 6 people (one seat was removed to accommodate the bikes). His job was to prevent people from stealing our stuff.

Dinner was at the Silver Salmon Grill in downtown Astoria. The evening’s entertainment was geocaching. Kathy is passionate about geocaching and wants to find a cache in every state. She led us to a nearby marker commemorating Clark Gable beginning his acting career in Astoria. The top photo shows Chad looking for the cache under the marker.

They have some strange bicycles in Astoria. This is a front wheel drive E-bike with ape hanger bars.

The Astoria–Megler Bridge connects Astoria, Oregon to Megler, Washington. It is the longest continuous truss bridge in the United States – 4 miles! Best of all – it has bicycle lanes.

9 thoughts on “Day -1 Astoria

  1. I love reading about your adventures across the country! And i know it will be full of history and interesting trivia! May God be with u and bless u and u all safe


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