Day 0 Nothing Spoils Quicker than Warm Fish

Today was an alleged rest day before peddling away tomorrow. We hiked from the hotel along a riverside trail into town. The trail was lined with blackberry brambles and geocache sites.

An old Bumble Bee Seafood cannery was on a pier along the trail. Bumble Bee was founded in Astoria in 1899. Part of the cannery was preserved and turned into a museum with the remainder converted into a restaurant and small shops. The warm fish quote was from a cannery Supervisor.

Tsunami evacuation maps were everywhere.

Kathy and Annika picking blackberries.

The trail followed old railroad tracks. Now the tracks are used by a trolley that you can ride to and from town.

Lots of nautical photo opportunities.

After dinner we drove up the hill to the Astoria Column. The tower was built in 1926 by the Great Northern Railway for the city of Astoria. Climbing 164 steps inside take you to a stupendous view at the top. The outside of the tower is covered in murals.

So much for a restful day. The 7-mile hike and 164 steps will either help me to sleep soundly or make my legs scream with agony. Regardless, tomorrow we begin our adventure.

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