Day 21 Best Out West

If you were driving from Buffalo to Gillette, Wyoming you would hop in your car, get on Interstate 90 and be there in one hour. Because we can’t ride on the Interstate we had to take a circuitous route North through Clearmont and Spotted Horse.

Chad took a photo of an osprey sitting in its nest at sunrise.

Clearmont (population 157) has an old jail that is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has two cells so they must have had some wild parties back in the day.

There were always hills nearby. Some were volcano shaped, some had flat tops and others were irregular.

Wyoming also has a lot of snow fences.

We have also seen several of these little sheepherder’s wagons. We saw several places that rent them out for the night.

Just outside of Gillette are a couple of mines. Eagle Butte Coal Mine had a service road that ran underneath our route. We think this is a Caterpillar 793 truck with an Austin Westech dump body on it. Since Joe Kunzeman designed Cat mining trucks he can verify for us. Caterpillar manufactures these trucks in Decatur, Illinois. The engine was manufactured by Chad in Lafayette, Indiana.


  • Buffalo to Gillette,Wyoming.
  • Distance: 97.8 miles (157 km)
  • Climbing: 3020 feet (920 m)
  • Temperature: 65 – 81°F (18 – 27°C)


Wall Drug is only 200 miles away!

3 thoughts on “Day 21 Best Out West

  1. I have been to Buckskin Mine in Gillette. Worked in Large Mining Trucks for a lot of my career for Cat. That truck looks like a 793C which would have been manufactured in Decatur Il. Dave Martin.


  2. Yes, I agree with Dave Martin. I also had been to Gillette at one time. Two of these trucks had collided and I was consulting on frame repair.


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