Day 20 Ten Sleep

Today was going to be a long day so we left before dawn.

We followed the Nowood river for about 50 miles. The scenery was very different as we rode along. First there were hills that looked like dirt piles.

Then towering red cliffs.

Then white cliffs.

It was all very scenic.

After 50 miles we arrived at Ten Sleep, Wyoming. In the old days were two large Indian winter camps, one in Casper, Wyoming and the other in Bridger, Montana. The Indians measured distance by the number of “sleeps”. From here to either camp was “ten sleeps”. And that is how Ten Sleep got its name.

From Ten Sleep we followed the Ten Sleep River into a canyon for about 20 miles.

Again the scenery was spectacular.

As we were climbing there were signs to tell us about the rock formations and what period they were from. Great for wannabe geologists.

Then we entered the pine trees. Fall is coming to the higher elevations.

Finally after 40 miles of climbing we crossed the Powder River Pass at 9,666 feet. That is the thinnest air we have had on our trip so far.

These guys are bow hunting on the ridge behind them. It is about 1,000 feet higher than the pass. They said they heard an elk bugling last night and they have one and a half weeks to get him. Good luck guys!

Once over the Powder River Pass we had a torturous up and down 14-mile route to get to our destination. This sign warns about the steep down hill grades but doesn’t mention that the up hill portions were just as steep. It was a long, painful 14 miles.

Tonight we are in Buffalo, Wyoming. Today’s route was not only the longest to date but also had the most climbing. We will sleep well.


  • Basin to Buffalo,Wyoming.
  • Distance: 111.0 miles (179 km)
  • Climbing: 7955 feet (2425 m)
  • Temperature: 55 – 91°F (13 – 33°C)

Dad and Bicycles

Tonight while waiting for a table at our restaurant we met this couple. They are from Ohio. During the course of the conversation they found out we were riding our bicycles across the country. He said, “I rode my bicycle across the country in 1975”. He went with the same tour group that dad went with, Wandering Wheels out of Indiana.


2 thoughts on “Day 20 Ten Sleep

  1. Are you nearing the South Dakota border? Couple of years ago we were driving our RV from Yellowstone, through Cody, on to Mount Rushmore. Out of the desert floor rose these big mountains! The pass was treacherous, especially in an RV. I spent most of the way cowered in the bathroom — the switchbacks were daunting! I want to go back some day and do it again, just more prepared. There is an EXCELLENT museum in Cody, by the way. Keep rolling!


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