Day 12 Pickup Row

This morning we left later than usual because there were not many service stops along our route.

After 5 miles we stopped in Kooskia, Idaho and ate a real breakfast. Cyclists are like locusts when they hit a restaurant. Here is a tally:

  • Herb; three egg omelet, oatmeal, pancake
  • Joe; biscuits and gravy, hash browns, two eggs, pancake, orange juice
  • Al; two eggs, ham, hash browns, orange juice and two pieces of Chad’s French toast
  • Chad; two eggs, ham, hash browns, orange juice, toast, two coffees, French toast

Suitably fortified we were ready to ride. We headed northeast on US Highway 12. It is also known as the Lewis and Clark Trail. All day we climbed with the Clearwater and then the Lochsa River to our right.

This was our scenery for the entire day. Every glance was suitable for a magazine cover. The climb was gentle – for you guys in Pittsburgh it was like climbing the GAP (Greater Allegheny Passage).

There were cabins on the other side of the river that required a cable car bridge to reach them. We saw three of these bridges. Pretty cool!

The scenery never stopped.

The Lochsa Historical Ranger Station was used from 1925 to 1950. It was a quiet and peaceful place. Shown below is the Ranger’s cabin.

This gal is riding the TransAmerican Trail solo. She began in Yorktown, Virginia and will finish in Astoria, Oregon. She is mostly camping.

Tonight we are staying in cabins at Lochsa Lodge which is about 12 miles below Lolo Pass. Much like a dog that marks his territory, Chad does the same with his stinky bike clothes. So far no one has bothered us.


  • Stites to Lolo, Idaho
  • Distance: 93.3 miles (150 km)
  • Climbing: 3203 feet (976 m)
  • Temperature: 42 – 73°F (6 – 23°C)


Need a pack horse? Take a pack horse.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 Pickup Row

  1. I love reading your updates! Chad’s clothes – hilarious! Not sure if you did or not, but y’all should have marked your weights before starting and after you’re done. haha What a workout!


  2. 每天读你的文字令人兴奋,这种长途骑行对我来说实在不可想象,读了你的文字如同与你们一起畅游美国🇺🇸


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