Day 10 Butt Nuggets

This morning we left Cambridge, Idaho and peddled north on Highway 95, the only north-south highway that traverses all of Idaho.

We traveled through several small towns, Alpine, Mesa and Council and mostly climbed up hill for 45 miles. At New Meadows we began following the Little Salmon River. The river was flowing downstream which meant that we were going downhill for 35 miles. The only negative was a slight headwind. The Little Salmon River is right across the street from our hotel in Riggins, Idaho.

At lunchtime in New Meadows, Idaho we saw a real cowboy wearing spurs. He wasn’t wearing cowboy boots. I haven’t seen spurs since Holiday, Texas.

We traveled in Payette National Forest. There were lots of pine trees and water.

As the elevation decreased there were less and less pine trees on the hillsides.

Optimistic Chris is also riding the TransAmerica Trail. He is a British bloke currently living in Madison, Wisconsin. His wife, Lovely Laura, was to join him but she came down with lyme disease. Together they are known as Soulmate Cyclists. They also have a YouTube channel and he does weekly updates. He was riding west and will end his ride in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Best of luck Optimistic Chris and hopefully Lovely Laura will be back on her bike soon.

The Idaho Department of Transportation is trying to keep this boulder from tumbling onto the roadway.

Tonight we are staying in Riggins, Idaho. It was originally named “Gouge-Eye” because a gambler got his eye put out in a poker game. It had a lumber mill but it burned down in 1982. The population is 416.


  • Cambridge to Riggins, Idaho
  • Distance: 81.6 miles (131 km)
  • Climbing: 2933 feet (894 m)
  • Temperature: 53 – 76°F (12 – 24°C)


There are many signs about saving salmon. We did our part and did not have salmon for dinner tonight.

Maybe it should be “Pittsburgh Pistol Packin’ Pickles”?

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