Day -3 Carbo Loading

A Persian Makes an iPhone Look Small

Back in the day you were to load up on carbohydrates before a big ride. Since our upcoming ride is big we had to find a big pastry. Sweet Things Bakery in Maquoketa, IA has a ginormous pastry called The Persian. I am not certain how many calories it contains but I’m feeling loaded. Very tasty!

Traveling across Interstate 80 in Iowa is a treat. Top this Amarillo!

Kinze Corn Planter
Kinze Grain Carts

Since we are on I-80 we listened to the Interstate 80 Iowa song by Haywood Banks. And of course, the Iowa Corn Song.

In Milford, Nebraska we viewed what remains of the world’s largest prairie schooner. If you are going to dream, dream big!

Dilapidated Covered Wagon

Spending the night in Wyoming. The field behind the hotel is growing goat head stickers for unsuspecting cyclists.

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