Day 30 Extra Large Pheasant

Overnight a front blew through so this morning was overcast with light rain. The wind shifted to the Northwest. We only had a few miles of rain. Mostly it just sprinkled and barely made the pavement wet.

Here is Chad with his rain kit on.

His helmet cover makes him look like David Beckman don’t you think?

Oddly enough, both David and Chad play soccer.

We are back in the Midwest – lots of corn and soybeans. There was also a lot of small lakes. Perhaps because we are close to Minnesota?

We ended today’s ride in Arlington, South Dakota. This part of South Dakota is known for its pheasant hunting. The hotel next to us is the Pheasant Motel and Diner.


  • Huron to Arlington, South Dakota.
  • Distance: 75.1 miles (121 km)
  • Climbing: 1852 feet (564 m)
  • Temperature: 60 – 58°F (16 – 14°C)

2 thoughts on “Day 30 Extra Large Pheasant

  1. Well, David is may a little better dressed than Chad, but Chad can play soccer much more better than David, I guess 😁


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