Day 26 Donkey Food

Leaving Keystone and the Black Hills this morning we went up and down a lot of short hills. At Rapid City our route took us on Skyline Drive which overlooked the city. Nice view!

Rapid City was about 25 miles from Keystone and ended up being the only town with services today. Scenic, South Dakota was supposed to have a store but it was closed and the town looked pretty run down.

From Scenic onwards we were on the edge of the Badlands National Park.

Alex and Jeff were also peddling through the Badlands. They are on a three day adventure from Rapid City back to their home in Pierre, South Dakota. Since they were camping at the same hotel/RV park where we were, we all had dinner together. Good luck guys!

All the white spots are prairie dog holes. We went by several prairie dog towns.

They were chattering as we rode by. You can hear them on this video clip from Chad.

Tonight we are staying in Interior, South Dakota (population 90). Chad and I were sitting outside our hotel room looking hungry. A couple from Northeastern Pennsylvania gave us some soup (homemade sausage and kale from their garden) and homemade sourdough bread. It was a great appetizer.


  • Keystone to Interior, South Dakota.
  • Distance: 98.9 miles (159 km)
  • Climbing: 2820 feet (878 m)
  • Temperature: 56 – 76°F (13 – 24°C)


A man gave Herb two feathers to help protect us on our ride. Hopefully we are not breaking the law.

This dinosaur was grazing out in the middle of nowhere. It is very unusual to see them in the wild.

Tonight we ate at the Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill. They had numerous signs along the rode as we neared town. No idea why this trailer is on its side. Maybe high winds overturned it?

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