Day 23 Testicle Festival

We left the red rocks of Hulett, Wyoming with an overcast sky and chilly temperatures. We did have a few drops of rain a couple of times today.

Early in the morning Chad captured a real cowboy in action.

I finally found real haystacks.

We visited the Vore Buffalo Jump. Plains Indians used the buffaloes for many things; food, shelter, clothing, fuel, etc. They didn’t have horses so tribes would get together in the fall and herd the buffalo into this large sink hole. Then they would butcher the animals that fell into the hole. Every year the remains would be covered by sediment so archaeologists have gleaned a lot of information by digging through the layers. Indians used this hole from 1500 to the 1800’s.

Our route paralleled Interstate 90 for a few miles. Cars and trucks would honk their horns, flash their lights and wave at us because they were envious of our mode of travel.

Right after crossing into South Dakota there were signs announcing that the road ahead was closed. The construction crew was on break and there was a passable dirt path to the other side. However, they would not let us take it. So we had to schlep our bikes over a barb wire fence and traipse through a field to the other side. We called them the South Dakota Unwelcoming crew.

After Spearfish we entered the Spearfish Canyon for a 25 mile uphill climb. The canyon was gorgeous.

We saw a mama and daughter mountain goat.

A waterfall named Bridal Vail Falls.

And a waterfall on Spearfish Creek.

A shout out to Gordon Elmore who has ridden his Harley over these same roads (and all over the USA). Near the top of Spearfish Canyon they named a town after him!

There are little UTV’s (Utility Terrain Vehicle) everywhere. Their tires make a tremendous racket. I wanted to rent one for tomorrow’s journey but Herb said no.

We also went through a town named Beulah which is the name of Mom’s sister. Here is a photo of Mom (on the left) and Beulah.

Tonight we are staying at Recreation Springs Resort and a large part of their business is renting UTV’s. Across the road are Terry Peak and Deer Mountain Ski areas. Somehow we ended up at 6,000 feet again.


  • Hulett, Wyoming to Lead, South Dakota.
  • Distance: 77.3 miles (124 km)
  • Climbing: 5233 feet (1595 m)
  • Temperature: 66 – 64°F (19 – 18°C) Mountain top is cooler than Hulett.


3 thoughts on “Day 23 Testicle Festival

  1. In teaching 4th Grade Texas History, we studied the Plains Native Americans (one of them would always correct me when I called them Indians!). I remember teaching them the importance of the buffalo to the tribes. They used every single part of the buffalo: besides the meat for food and the hide for making teepees and clothes and “furniture”for their teepees; they used the bladder for a drinking pouch, and the bones for making tools, even fish hooks. They even used the tail as a flyswatter! To help them understand how important the buffalo were, I called them the Walmart of the Plains! They understood then that the tribes used the buffalo for shopping for everything they needed!

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