Day 14 Unleash Your Inner Peace

Today we left Hamilton, Montana in the twilight under a cloudy sky. We gently climbed for 40 miles following the Bitterroot River.

Then the road left the river and we began climbing in earnest. We were climbing a 5-6% grade and had a stiff headwind at times. This continued for 10 miles until we popped over the Continental Divide at 7,126 feet. The divide also divides Idaho and Montana.

Today the Montana state sign was clean and the Idaho sign was covered with stickers. The guy that took this picture took pity on me and offered a Gatorade!

The foot marker beside the Idaho sign is either to measure the height of bears or snowfall.

Then it was downhill with the wind at our back for 25 miles until Wisdom, Montana. Chad couldn’t use Apple Pay at the Wisdom Market because the shopkeeper was talking on the phone. She apologized because she only had one line. A gentleman sitting nearby said that Wisdom was a one line town.

We passed two forest fire camps. We also rode through a very recent forest fire. A park ranger told us that the forest fires wouldn’t be completely extinguished until after the first snowfall.

The sky was hazy from the fires. The park ranger said a lot of the haze is from the California fires.

We also saw several fire fighting helicopters. Here is a Chinook helicopter in the air…

And a Huey in the air…

And several minutes later when we rode by the fire camp, the Chinook was on the ground.

This valley is called the Big Hole (land of 10,000 hay bales). Their fence gates were unique looking and made from logs. You could see them from a very long distance away. They also used a lot of log structures to support the ends of their barbed wire fence.

Tonight we are staying at the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge. The hot spring water is fed into this pool and the water temperature is 104°F. Clark (of Lewis and Clark) found this hot spring on their return trip from the Pacific.

Our rooms also have plastic pipes full of the spring water that are warm to the touch. Not very fancy but it gets the job done.


  • Hamilton to Jackson, Montana
  • Distance: 92.9 miles (150 km)
  • Climbing: 4695 feet (1431 m)
  • Temperature: 42 – 71°F (6 – 22°C)


Joe had flat #2 from a wire staple.

Fortunately we can have tobacco products at the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge.

6 thoughts on “Day 14 Unleash Your Inner Peace

  1. Looks like you guys are making good time. Is Joe holding you up though? Hahaha Tried calling Joe the other day but I was in a lousy service area.


  2. The one with the two rotors is a Chinook helicopter the one with one rotor is a Huey I know them very well I rode in both of them and jumped out of both of them a lot of times


  3. Really like all the pics. The plastic radiant heating tubes were quite creative. I want to be the supplier of PVC pipes and elbows in the area. I am living the trip vicariously, Loving it.


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