Day 5 Kate Cloud

Another gorgeous day in Oregon. There was no smoke in the sky this morning. The route took us over two passes, Ochoco (4,720 feet) and Keys Creek (4,369 feet). The roads coming down from the passes were not that steep but they were very long down hills. Mitchell (population 121) was the only town on our route. We were in some desolate country.

When I think of Oregon I think of pot smoking hippies. There were two VW micro buses that passed us. And this high up on a cliff. Peace brother.

There were all types of rock outcropping‘s.

For a few miles near the end we rode through a very large canyon. You felt very small while peddling through it on a bicycle.


  • Prineville to Dayville, Oregon
  • Distance: 85.2 miles (137 km)
  • Climbing: 4369 feet (1332 m)
  • Temperature: 56 – 81°F (13 – 27°C)

Kate CloudProfessional Wonderer

Mitchell (population 121) was at the halfway point. Herb, Joe and Chad stopped at a little bakery in town named Painted Hills Pastry. While munching away on their pastries this pulled up.

It was a Jeep pulling a very small house trailer. A lady got out and came into the bakery to order her pastry. There were only two tables so a conversation started. Kate is a single mom and her daughter went to college last year. This allowed her to work on her bucket list.

She has hiked the entire Appalachian (2,100 miles) and Pacific Crest (2,650 miles) trails. She wants to hike the Continental Divide (3,200) and then she will earn the Triple Crown. There are not very many people in this world that hike all three trails.

Next April she wants to canoe down the entire length of the Missouri River. There is one catch, however. She is taking her pet goat, Little Leaf, with her. Here is Chad, Little Leaf, and Kate.

She has been all over the United States in her Jeep and little house. She doesn’t have a mortgage, she just follows her passion.

She is also an artist and paints some cool wildlife paintings. There are links here, here and on YouTube if you want more information about Kate and her adventures.


At the edge of Mitchell (population 121) there was a hostel for cyclists. They had free water outside for travelers. Josh stays there and helps clean the hostel and repair bicycles. He had started the same ride that we are are doing but had to turn back because of the smoke. He was a sketchy character. His ride was a Jones which is currently a cult favorite.

Here is a storefront in Mitchel (population 121).

Tonight we are staying at the Fish House Inn that is an old house located in the Fish House RV Park. It is quaint with only one bathroom. Our host has been very helpful.

There was one restaurant in Dayville (population 146) within walking distance. We debated on sitting outside but the gentleman seated there told us there were too many flies. So we sat at a table indoors. Note the fly strip in the window. It must have dried out because it didn’t work. There were flies everywhere. But the food and pies were very tasty.

“All the crazy drivers on Oregon’s coastal Highway 101 are from California.”

Prineville, Oregon Best Western’s Breakfast Lady

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