Day 2 Buying Antlers

We started out today on a brisk morning (48°F) with a bright blue sky. Pockets of fog were in the valleys. Most of the morning we were in dark pine forests. The countryside then morphed to ranch land with the tree covered hills in the distance. We were fortunate to have some tail winds.

Going up Slab Road there was a 5 mile climb (to 700 feet) with a buttery smooth road on the downhill side. Best of all – for 10 miles on Slab Road there were no cars.

We passed 7 or 8 signs for local wineries but our ride captain (Herb) would not let us stop.


  • Oregon City to Corvallis, Oregon
  • Distance: 89.5 miles (144 km)
  • Climbing: 4048 feet (1234 m)
  • Temperature range: 48 – 73°F (9 – 23°C)

Dad and Bicycles

The first bicycle in our house was a red Schwinn that had 20 inch wheels with white painted steel rims. Around 1962. All of us five kids rode it. It had flat spots on the wheels from jumping off dirt piles, home made ramps and anything else that we could dream up. Sometime before Herb, the little bike was painted green.

When Chad was nine years old (1978) he took over our sister’s newspaper route. Dad installed a big set of Wald newspaper baskets in the rear.

I received a used 24 inch bicycle for my birthday. The deal was, that dad and I would disassemble it, lube the bearings and repaint it.

Later, using my new found knowledge I tore apart the 20 inch Schwinn to lube its bearings. The front wheel was easy. The rear coaster brake had a lot of little discs and I was unable to get them back in the proper order. I had to wait until dad came home from work so that he could put it together. He was a master at putting things back together.

The little Schwinn then moved to our brothers William’s house and his four sons learned how to ride on it. The little bike should go into a museum.

Here is an old photo of Chad riding the 20 inch bicycle.

Old Bicycle Racer Rest and Recovery Guidelines

Rule 1: Don’t stand when you can sit, don’t sit when you can lie down.

Rule 2: When you lie down, make sure your legs are raised.

Rule 3: Don’t walk if other means of transport or movement are available.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 Buying Antlers

  1. Looking good Al I always think about your bike riding when I see people riding along the highway. I figured you would do something like this. It looks fantastic!


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